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The OPTM360 is based on the Harvard Business Review Press best-selling book One Page Talent Management. This unique development tool makes it easy to be a better manager, leader or individual contributor by focusing you on the three areas where change would be most helpful. You’ll receive specific, practical and helpful guidance from your manager and colleagues and direct reports about which behaviors you should do more of, or less of, going forward.

Managers and Individual Contributors may participate in the OPTM360. Evaluators may include their managers, direct reports, peers, other managers, and themselves.

The Standard OPTM360 includes 26 individual and managerial behaviors that are likely to impact your performance and your potential to advance. Not every possible workplace behavior was measured – just those considered to be most important.

OPTM360 is a feedback tool designed to provide leaders with easy-to-understand, specific advice about how to become the best possible leaders. It is effective because it:

Eliminates defensive reactions: OPTM360 gives leaders helpful guidance about how to improve their behaviors going forward, without judging the past. A typical assessment rates someone’s past or current competence. Empirical evidence shows that this causes negative emotional reactions and resistance to accepting and acting on the data.

Provides clear priorities for change: Leaders are focused on the three behaviors that their colleagues feel are most important to change. A quick read through the report tells a leader exactly which behaviors to change and how they should do it.

Ensures specific, practical advice: Leaders receive specific advice for changing their behaviors from the people who work most closely with them. Typical 360s overwhelm leaders with thick reports full of charts, graphs, norms and ratings, but provide no practical advice for change! Here, colleagues provide direct, feedback!

Simplifies the feedback process: Surveys can be completed in approximately 10 minutes, so it’s not a burden on busy employees. High-quality responses can be provided in little time because the rater is only asked to comment on three behaviors.

Makes it easy for managers to instantly move from feedback to action: The OPTM360 report is easy to understand and doesn’t require help to interpret the results. With OPTM360, a leader can spend 10 minutes reading their report and then immediately start to work on their behaviors.

Prioritizing behaviors helps focus the participant on the most important areas for development. Raters will identify one 1st Priority, one 2nd Priority and one 3rd Priority. The system does not automatically select behaviors needing the most change, but instead allows the rater to choose the behaviors that are most critical. The prioritization also helps to focus the evaluator, as comments are only requested on the three priority items. This allows for swift completion of the survey!

All responses are confidential. Individually submitted surveys are never seen by the participant. Final reports show icons that indicate ratings by peers, direct reports and others; however, these are only shown when two raters respond within that category. The suggestions provided that relate to the final top three priorities will be shown exactly as written. Raters are reminded to only write comments that they are comfortable having the participant see verbatim.

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