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The OPTM360 helps to develop leaders, not assess them. It focuses managers on the three most important behaviors to change and gives
them specific, practical advice for how to change.

The OPTM360 participant receives a focused, easy-to-understand report, and their raters spend less than 10 minutes completing the survey.


Guided by Science

The OPTM design approach always starts with the science, and that applies to the OPTM360 as well. We developed the OPTM360 using the most conclusive academic science, including the key findings that:

  • People respond better to feedback that doesn't compare them to others
  • People often reject (consciously or sub-consciously) information that threatens their self-image
  • How people receive feedback (not just the feedback itself) influences whether they take action

Typical 360s often fail because their design ignores these three powerful scientific facts (and a few others!). Ironically, these 360s actually create resistance to change rather than helping leaders to change.

The OPTM360's design is guided by the science. Our report provides direction and advice for change in a way that leaders can quickly understand, internalize and put into practice. We avoid anything that may raise barriers to change or delay a leader from taking action. Leaders don't need to reference a website, a thick book of generic suggestions or the other change-blocking tools that accompany a typical 360. All the information they require is in their succinct report.

Choose the Right Plan at the Right Price