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Combine Best of Assessment and Development with the OPTM360.1

The same core philosophy of the popular OPTM360 with a "Rarely/Never Demonstrates" to "Always Demonstrates" scale.

The OPTM360.1 is a powerful addition to the OPTM360 suite of talent management surveys. Combining the best of assessment and development, the OPTM360.1 first assesses how frequently someone is demonstrating the desired behaviors, and then provides prioritized development suggestions for areas of improvement.

Like the OPTM360, the OPTM360.1 is an important opportunity to drive positive change and ingrain frequent feedback and development throughout the organization. Raters are rating participants based on the proven competencies that are shared by high performing leaders in categories that include:

  • Functional excellence
  • Innovation
  • Managing
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development

The participant report will immediately shine a light on potential strengths and blind spots, and measure self-perceptions against how others see them.Included within the report are the details of their development priorities, followed by anonymous feedback about individual and managerial behaviorsthat are most likely to impact their performance or inhibit their potential to advance.The appendix contains complete information about how every 360 item was answered, which is helpful in understanding if different groups have different priority items.A worksheet is also included to help generate individual action plans built from thesuggestions provided by raters.