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Accelerate Your Leaders' Development with the OPTM360

The OPTM360- A Highly Effective Development Tool

The OPTM360 unique feedback process is designed to provide participants with easy to understand, specific advice about how they can quickly become better leaders.

The rating scale is our defining quality, and it separates us from other 360 surveys in the marketplace. The OPTM360 scale ranges from “Do Much Less” to “Do Much More. In the 3-page survey which typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete, raters are asked to first indicate if/how someone should change their behaviors, and then provide specific start/stop advice on what to do differently. Raters are rating participants based on the proven competencies that are shared by high performing leaders in categories that include:

  • Functional excellence
  • Innovation
  • Managing
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development

These can also be customized to align with the competencies used within any organization.

This is an opportunity for raters to provide constructive and anonymous feedback to the participant that they might otherwise be uncomfortable giving, and they typically find the process to be far less overwhelming than other 360s they may be familiar with.

Participants of the feedback can easily understand what others perceive to be theirtop priorities for change, how they should adjust the key behaviors and accelerate their performance.