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OPTM 4+2

Become a Great Talent Manager with the OPTM 4+2

THE OPTM 4+2 Model of Human Resources Excellence

Becoming a Better Talent Manager is easy with the OPTM 4+2. Talent Management (TM) has evolved into a well-defined discipline, and the OPTM 4+2 has identified and embedded the skills and behaviors shared by great TM leaders into this one-of-a-kind 360 survey.

Participants will be rated on the 4 core characteristics and 2 additional differentiators required to realize one’s full TM potential. The 5-point rating scale ranges from Rarely/Never Demonstrates” to “Always Demonstrates.” Raters will be asked to first identify the priorities for change, and then provide specific start/stop advice on how to change.

As with all our OPTM 360 surveys, the OPTM 4+2 has been designed to:

Minimize Complexity- we have determined the smallest number of criteria to accurately predict capability and provide direction.

Add Value- the Participant report will tell the manager everything they need to know to take action, without any coaching required.

Focus on Priorities- Within moments of reviewing their report, Participants will see the top 3 priorities for development.

Based on the 4+2 Model developed by Marc Effron and Jim Shanley, the OPTM 4+2 model is the basis for teaching at the Talent Management Institute. and the only 360 designed exclusively for HR professionals.