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OPTM Sales Accelerator

Increase Sales Performance with the OPTM Sales Accelerator

What if you could clone your most successful salespeople, and develop a team of high performing revenue producers? Introducing the OPTM Sales Accelerator, the latest addition to our renowned suite of 360s. The OPTM Sales Accelerator focuses on the core aspects of sales development shared by successful sales professionals in high performing sales cultures:

  1. Pipeline Development – A salesperson is only as good as their ability to cultivate a steady stream of potential new business. The OPTM Sales Accelerator will provide useful feedback on how well your salespeople are leveraging technology, keeping up with trends and cultivating relationships to foster a strategic pipeline of potential clients.
  2. Sales Development – How well do your salespeople understand your business, your products and your competition? With the OPTM Sales Accelerator, you won’t have to guess. Each report will provide participants with feedback on how well they leverage your competitive differentiation and match your offering to their prospect’s needs. Make sure they’re turning objections into opportunities, and help them develop in ways that matter most.
  3. Personal Development – Generating revenue is only part of being a great salesperson. The other part is being a great person, by exhibiting the values and of good business and the integrity of a trusted advisor. The OPTM Sales Accelerator will measure individual behaviors against the proven competencies of high performing cultures such as teamwork, passion and owning outcomes.

The OPTM Sales Accelerator is designed to provide salespeople with the specific information they need to quickly and easily become more productive in their sales efforts. By providing each participant with a clear, in-depth report containing key priorities and recommendations for change, your salespeople can immediately improve their sales performance and results in demonstrable ways.

As with all our OPTM suite of products, we can custom-fit our survey to meet your requirements, and exceed your expectations. Find out more about how easy it is to make the OPTM Sales Accelerator the most important part of your business development process.