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Karma Notes Smartphone App

Immediate Feedback using Science Based Simplicity

An Immediate Feedback App for a New Generation of Leaders

According to a recent Global Human Capital Trends report, 86% of business and HR leaders believe they do not have an adequate leadership pipeline. If you aren’t providing frequent feedback opportunities for the next generation of leaders, your business will be lacking the bench strength needed to push forward critical business initiatives.

The Karma Notes App is a game-changing way to weave feedback into the fabric of your organization.

  • Simplified rating using left and right swipes.
  • Syncs with your calendar events to make feedback specific and timely.
  • Real-time dashboard providing focus areas for development.
  • Nudge based reminders to seek and provide feedback.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability.
  • Customized to align with the competencies used within any organization.
  • Option to appreciate others through digital badges promoting a culture of peer recognition.